Joseph M. Cannon
Software Developer - Tech Guru - Android Aficionado



This is a note taking app created with simplicity in mind, and is a good example of an app built with Material Design. It uses a local database to store the notes, and displays ads to the user for revenue.

Free Calculator

This is a calculator with 4 basic functions, as well as squaring and rooting. This is one of the first apps Joseph developed when he was teaching himself Android. He has come a long way!

Quadratic Equation Solver

This is an app that will give you the solution to any quadratic equation. Joseph took the initiative to make it for a physics class, and the professor let them use it on their exams!


Joseph Cannon is a junior in the Computer Science department at Utah Valley University. He has programming experience in many languages and on many platforms, but his favorite has always been Android. He taught himself how to develop Android apps, and in his free time he has developed and published several to the Google Play Store and has several others in various stages of development. He is passionate about creating Android apps, and it has become more of a hobby than a profession. He is currently working for Ancestry as an Android Developer. Be sure to check out his LinkedIn profile and contact him below with any inquiries.